Marina is a Water Element and one of the main War Stoppers.Her mother is Queen Coral . Her father died when she was a little girl. Later on her little sister Pearl was born. Than came the big war where she had to protect her family and fight beside Arden and Oak. When they won the war they had to back and get things back to normal. While the war was happening, Marina fell in love with Chilly. He was a prince of the ice kingdom but his had 3 other siblings. Two brothers and one sister, he was the middle child. He also fell in love with Marina. He was handsome, generous, and kind. He was always helping his people and thinking about others before him. That was what Marina loved about and the way he liked Marina. They both are still dating and will get married one day. Marinas best friends were Arden,Oak, and Sandy. Sandy was dating Arden and Oak was too young to date anyone. She was mainly proud of having a great friends and becoming one of the strongest worriers and solving all of her challenges. She has thought me to never give up and keep moving forward and you can do anything if you just set mind to it.